{Delight} in the Small Things

The month of February (and yes, into March) was a trifle trying to those of us in the wonderful state of Montana (I know North Dakota and the midwest are in the same boat!)

Snow and cold have kept us cooped up inside and away from planned activities that are part of our normal routines. With snow drifts the size of small hills and temperatures low enough to cause harm with limited exposure, there’s nothing that can be done outside – except for those hardy souls in the form of farmers and ranchers who brave the extremes to take care of the livestock that is our livelihood.

Just a day of blowing snow making life a wee bit miserable!

As all stay-at-home mommas know there’s only so many things to keep little humans entertained while stuck inside. Even when “the sun is out!” – my middle firmly believes that if the sun is shining it’s nice enough to go out! –┬áthe temperature is freezing, which makes keeping them satisfied inside even harder. While cartoons, coloring, and crafts (these are very few and far between in my house; I mean have you ever tried to get little boys to do a craft nicely?) may help, there is no way to fully exhaust their unlimited energy. And on top of all that, they share germs. Even if they hate sharing toys their snot, coughs, and slobber is freely given to everyone.

So, what’s the secret to surviving the cabin fever?

I could give you any number of ways; ways that work for me, but would that really help? I know my methods probably don’t fit into everyone’s lifestyles and this really isn’t a “how to” blog. But I think one thing that can work for everyone is finding (and I mean looking and sometimes searching) for the little day-to-day moments that we can find delight in.

Trust me, this does not come easily for me. When my plans got thwarted due to the weather (which had been like the 4th time in two weeks), I hid in my bedroom and cried. (Thank you hubby for loving me despite my crazy emotions). But if I had attempted to drive that day the chances of me ending up in the ditch were very high.

So please know that I completely understand how some days finding delight in anything feels like one more task on our never-ending list of things to do. Sometimes the search for our delightful moments seems to exhaust us more than picking up the same toys over and over again, but that moment that you experience that delight and decide to savor it then comes the refreshing your soul needs. Then comes the renewed energy to get through the day.

I am so grateful that my sweet baby has two older brothers that thoroughly enjoy entertaining him; that my wonderful hubby understands my need for quiet time and makes a point to find ways to help with that when he can; amazing friends who are willing to listen to my venting; and family close by who are so wonderful about watching the boys when I am able to get out of the house, whether for only a couple of hours or for a whole day – I know there is so very much I should be thankful for and to find delight in.

Roughly a week of being cooped up, but we were making the most of it with dancing during breakfast! pc: the Hubby

“Consider it pure joy, brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. ~ James 1:2-3