Joy in the Season

What a better way to use my blog than to write our “Christmas letter?!”

2018 started off with getting the last minute details done before baby Dexter joined our crew – March 23 – and ever since then we’ve been going full steam ahead in this chaotic, yet wonderful life of ours.

As everyone knows, last winter was a hard one and seemed to last overly long and in our case, here in the foothills of the Snowies, it was twice as long. What does that mean for us? Wet ground pushes seeding back, which pushes harvest back, but lots of moisture also means lush hay ground which means LOTS of hay. Yes, that’s a good thing and with all good things comes lots of work (however, that comes with not-so-good things, too). When the harvest is pushed back (partly due to a mild summer and not enough heat for things to grow) fall seeding gets pushed back. On top of those events being pushed back are the other odd need-to-do projects that would normally get done in lulls, but those lulls were filled up with the already pushed back items.

Good grief…the crazy circle of life on the farm! We are blessed to have had good crops all around despite the ever unpredictable Montana weather.

On to the family (which is why you’re here anyway!)

Baby boy #3 has made our family complete! It’s truly amazing how I could feel so overwhelmed and unsure about our new addition, but now that he’s here (nearly 9 months!) I can’t imagine life without him! I would most likely be getting more sleep and wouldn’t need to be chasing after his still somewhat sluggish crawling towards the stairs and trying to figure out the nap schedule BUT I am enjoying his sweet smiles and cuddles and these few months of momma boy snuggles (before he decides dad is more fun).

2018 Polar Express bound!

Mr. Miles is rowdy and rambunctious as ever! He does have his sweet moments and watching him bond with Dex has been so fun, too. He loves to color and draw (those few quiet moments he enjoys) and he misses his big brother while he’s at school. I know if he could spend all day, every day with his daddy he would in a heartbeat. He has grown so much these last few months between not being the baby anymore and being the oldest while EJ is in school. He will be keeping us on our toes, but I wouldn’t want him any other way!

Big Brother EJ has had a very busy year and as his dad likes to remind me, “We’re only getting started!” He wasn’t entirely sure about having another brother (he really wanted a baby sister and keeps reminding me…silly boy!) but he loves Baby Dex and Dexter loves him, too. He played tee-ball over the summer and then had a couple of months of soccer this fall. About two days after soccer was over he asked when he could start playing basketball. Of course, we are thrilled with his love of sports and can’t wait to see where it leads him. Another fun thing to watch has been how his coordination has developed since starting school and spending time with older kids. He has pre-school three days a week for half the day. He has blossomed and grown so much these last few months and I am still amazed every time he comes home talking about something else that he’s learned.

Last spring was busy for Evan; between trying to stay caught up through the wet spring and getting everything ready for the big reunion, he’s been busy as ever since we moved 5 years ago. It’s been a joy for me to watch him teach EJ about sports and working with him even after a long day of the hard work it takes to keep things running smoothly. He is the boys’ favorite person/toy and I couldn’t be more blessed to have such a wonderful role model for them to look up to. This fall/winter he has been co-teaching the Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey) class at our church and will start reffing varsity basketball this season, too.

That just leaves me!

Everyone asks “How is life with three boys?” Loud…dirty…chaotic…but also, lots of random loves…lessons in laughing at myself…and being surrounded by handsome men my entire life! *wink*wink* All in all, any kind of motherhood is exhausting, but would we really want anything else? Some days, yes, but most days the out-of-the-blue “love you momma” and kisses and hugs make it all better and worth it. I do have a few ways to break up the frustrations of mom life; leading the kids’ church on Wednesday nights is a wonderful way to get out of the house and visit our awesome church family, but also gives me something to “work” on outside of mothering three boys. There are nights that can be total chaos, but they are a great group of kids and I’m grateful I can serve in this way. Winter time also brings about women’s league volleyball and gathering together with my amazing friends is definitely a highlight for me and worth the long drive and late nights. These times away from my kiddos – even just a few hours – helps me to realize what an honor it is to be their momma.

Most recent family photo – EJ’s Christmas Concert

We’re looking forward to 2019 and all the adventure and memories it will bring.

I pray the new year brings blessings to you and any challenges can be viewed for the opportunity that God often molds them into (something I need to remember more often than not!).

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. ~Romans 15:13