To Dress Up or Not

Oh, Halloween. A night to dress up as whatever fits your fancy and to be given candy as a reward. Now it sounds like a grand time in theory, but until you have a toddler on Halloween I believe you don’t fully understand “going crazy.” OK, OK, it wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t quite what I had imagined either. Which I’m not sure why I figured it would be any different from how it was, but I’ll admit I’m an optimist.

I visualized this super cute coordinated brothers costumes, with sweet photo opportunities, and then EJ getting to trick-or-treat and having a blast.

That last part happened, but seriously coordinated costumes and “Sweet” Photos? Really? What was I thinking? They did coordinate. The Football Player – who wanted nothing to do with his costume – and his Football. We took photos, but they weren’t very sweet due to a crabby 2-year old and baby who wasn’t enjoying the cool fall breeze (going outside was the only way to keep EJ’s costume ON).

Miles the Football
Miles the Football
Happy Football player
Grrr...Unhappy Football Player
Grrr…Unhappy Football Player

But that’s not really the point of Halloween is it; the point is getting free candy. Which we came home with not as much as most I’m sure but enough to make me cringe. Thank goodness he’s young enough still to not remember that he got a bucket full (OK, half full) of candy last night.

What I do believe he loved the most was being outside, getting to walk/run around, and seeing other kids in silly costumes. My son LOVES to “meet” other kids and this was the perfect opportunity and that makes me happy. I’m sure in the years to come he’ll be more interested in picking out his own costume and counting/taking inventory of his candy, but I will savor the memory of watching his eyes light up when he saw all those kids walking around and he could try to make new friends.

Memories like that remind me to enjoy each moment no matter how hectic and chaotic because life isn’t perfect and when I really sit and think about it I wouldn’t want it to be.


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